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Our world...

In our chaotic world it's difficult to define performance let alone raise it. We live in a world of competing agendas; Endless distractions and Constant change. Our ability to adapt, transform and thrive in this ever-changing landscape allows us to stay ahead of the competition and carve out what success means to us individually, as teams, as organisations and communities.

We have a choice to respond rather than react.

We have a choice to plateau or raise our game to new levels.

We have a choice to realise our potential. 

It's what makes us human.

Who we are...

We are practitioners of Lean thinking; We see the world through the lens of its dynamic processes; We create order from chaos.

We have developed the ability to carve out the core issues that limit performance and understand the components that can enhance it further.

We are future thinkers using the ideal state to reverse engineer it to create current realities. 

We have made the choice.


Our Team


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Aaron Penwill is our Managing Director and Head of Performance for MSP which he founded in 2010. 

Aaron started his career as an aerospace engineer in the Royal Air Force before moving into Continuous Improvement and Operations.  Aaron has held senior roles in both operations, continuous improvement and L&D.  He has headed a secure manufacturing site and a global Learning and Development function.   At the UK’s largest construction company, Aaron was responsible for implementing change across 240 construction sites each with their own sub cultures, leadership styles and ways of doing things.

In addition to gathering vital hands on business experience, Aaron obtained a post-graduate management degree from Lancaster Business School.  He prides himself on his global experience and ability to recognise the uniqueness of organisational cultures and its leadership. 

He is a change catalyst with the ability to engage, educate and energise those around him.  His hard earned expertise in leading change through people and process has led him to share his insights as a thought leader, helping organisations improve performance and importantly to sustain it.

His challenging approach helps organisations, teams and individuals uncover the blockers to their performance. He believes it’s not how fast you run it’s how little you slow down.  He advocates that leaders have been conditioned to think in certain ways that have unintentional impacts to their learning and productivity. Helping leaders recognise this and build ways to overcome this is fundamental to Aaron’s work.

Aaron’s experience of implementing lean techniques, building culture through operational excellence and transformative leadership development gives him a unique perspective on what it takes organisations to excel. He advocates for a common sense approach to performance coupled with the uncommon discipline to embed them everyday.

In 2014-2015 whilst working with De La Rue Plc, the worlds leading security printer, he co-authored and delivered an Operational Excellence Learning and Engagement Framework that was short listed for the 2016 Best Internally led Learning programme by the The Learning Awards. 

In addition to helping organisations, he is a father of 2, and an ultra runner.  He balances his commitments by adopting the same methods that he applies in organisations. In 2013 he ran the Marathon Des Sables, an epic endurance event in the Sahara Desert, running a marathon a day for 6 days in extreme heat. He's run the 10 highest peaks in the lake district in 17hrs, not the fastest by any stretch but an example of the mind-set needed to push one's limits. The same mind-set that can stretch the performance of the organisation.



Sallie is our Head of Business Support. She provides our clients with admin support, customer service advice, and mentoring of front line managers.

Sallie has a deep expertise in customer service having started her career as a customer service manager working across Europe and North Africa in the hospitality sector. She has led digital transformation projects and has headed a key account for a major player in the aerospace supply chain. Sallie is well placed to support business leaders in leadership challenges, driving digital transformation and how to improve customer service. 

Sallie uses her organisational skills to help our clients with Operational Excellence Audits, Customer Surveys, Employee Feedback, implementing performance development frameworks, ISO9001, mentoring...

...if it involves customers, a process and the need for organisation and direct leadership, Sallies your (wo)man.

Doing Good

Helping people reach peak performance is rewarding. We feel we are doing good by creating a ripple effect of performance. To sustain performance we need a sustainable planet. We've joined a global movement of businesses all pledging 1% of their Sales to non-profits who are protecting our planet for a sustainable future for us all. Find out more about 1% for the planet below...