Why Us? Why Not?

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At The Lean Practice, we don’t shy away from difficult conversations. Relentless in our crusade to help you thrive in the long term, you can count on us to be bold, challenging and to the point.

Our teams are dedicated, passionate and focused on achieving the best results for you. 

We understand the psychology around making changes and how to make that change stick. By combining the horizontal development of Lean and Agile concepts with the vertical development of new found thinking, we will show you the path to peak performance.

It really is common sense. You need to make it common practice through uncommon discipline– we will show you how.


Attacking Opportunities together


Our Team

Aaron Penwill

Managing Director and Head of Performance.

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Aaron has operated at every level in business. Battle-scarred from implementing major transformation projects in a number of FTSE 250 organisations, he has seen it and done it.

For our managing director, Lean is more than a workplace philosophy. Aaron takes an iterative approach to Lean thinking, even completing the infamous Marathon Des Sables in 2013 thanks to the application of established Lean techniques.

He is also a Dad of two children, whose curiosity and challenge keep him on his toes.

Sallie Brodie

Head of Business Support


Sallie is our customer-centric, mother hen of organisations. She has extensive customer facing experience. Lived and worked internationally.

At the Lean Practice, Sallie ensures that all of our clients have everything they need, as well as supporting our wider team.

Away from work, Sallie loves to spend time with her son, and anyone else who needs her assistance. 

Associates and Partners


We have created a supply chain of preferred associates and partner organisations who help us optimise value to our clients and help us flex up to meet client demand.

All have unique skills and a relentless drive to help businesses thrive.

[Our Academy ] A place to build capability. A place to expand your thinking. Challenge assumptions. Pull yourselves into a bigger reality.
— Aaron Penwill

The Lean Practice Academy, YORK

This is where we build your capability and capacity to deliver Lean Practices in your organisation. A purposeful, functional space to enhance learning transfer. Whilst the majority of “Lean” is learnt by applying it in the real world, this space allows for knowledge and skill building and the retrospection and introspection required to accelerate and sustain your implementation.

The academy is based just outside of the beautiful historic city of York. 20minutes from York train station. 2.5hrs from London. 40minutes from Leeds/Bradford Airport.

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Doing Good

Helping people reach peak performance is rewarding. We feel we are doing good by creating a ripple effect of performance. To sustain performance we need a sustainable planet. We've joined a global movement of businesses all pledging 1% of their Sales to non-profits who are protecting our planet for a sustainable future for us all. Find out more about 1% for the planet below...