Disrupt HR!

We are proud to sponsor tonights Disrupt HR event in Manchester. It's an event where thought leaders in the fields of HR and Talent get together and commit to an intense night of dynamic presentations. 5 minutes. 20 slides. 15 sec per slide.

There's a remarkable cast of speakers with an audience of around 70 HR disrupters. Its going to be a great night.

Aaron is delivering one of these presentations. A daunting challenge sticking to just 5 minutes when in front of a captive audience!

The presentation is on "Flow State":

We've all felt the feeling of being "in the zone" or what's known as a "flow state" or as Maslow called it "Peak Experience". We have felt its productive and creative nature, how it makes us feel like we can take on the world. Everything kind of seems to... "Flow"... we are totally immersed in what we do and are producing our best work.

As the UK looks at ways to boost productivity, I advocate for us to focus on flow. To disrupt organisational design, talent management, performance development and focus on what produces our best. If we up the time spent in flow we will up our productivity and the nice thing about it, we'll feel great to!

Aaron Penwill