"It's not how fast you go, it's how little you slow down"

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Our work covers three distinct populations...


The majority of our work centres on the individual. As individuals we have choices to make about our performance. Our thinking, our behaviour, routines and habits all have a bearing on this.

We offer the following interventions to help individuals to play a bigger game and reach peak performance:

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Personal Mastery Sessions

  • Peak Performance Academy


In our heads and our guts we know that working in a team can produce results far beyond our expectations. Giving your best is rewarding, knowing that everyone around is giving theirs is incredible. Group think and group norms all have a part to play for the good or for the detriment of the team.

We help teams raise performance through:

  • Team Coaching

  • Team building workshops

  • Facilitation of Lessons Learned / Retrospections

  • Team Sprints - Agile practices to build a high performing team and deliver a business improvement


A chaotic mix of unpredictable people. Misaligned agendas and defensive routines. These maybe the dysfunctions we experience. Turn this around and you are part of a formidable force for the good. Delivering outstanding value. Ready to respond to market forces. Ready to achieve competitive excellence.

We scale our individual and team interventions across the enterprise and combine it with our unique consulting service that acts as a partnership for the long term. 

We help organisations with the following:

  • Implement Operational Excellence

  • Develop High Performing Culture

  • Design and Deliver Performance interventions

  • Manage Continuous Improvement and Innovation

  • Implement Lean and Agile practices

Why we are different?

To raise performance of key leaders most organisations embark on leadership development programmes or targeted coaching engagements.

There are some great leadership development programmes out there but sadly they fail to transform the leadership to the desired levels. 6 months later the learnings are no longer applied and the leader has reverted back, no longer advancing performance.

Targeted coaching, develops the leaders ability by opening up the capacity to deliver their potential within their current capabilities. Marginal gains are made but in this world of exponential change is it enough?

The Lean Practice combines leadership development (improving capability) with coaching (building capacity). It combines these within a structured programme over a long duration. Close attention is paid to what the leader is doing. Learning transfer is evident and behaviour change is sustained. The person is transformed.

The Lean Practice designs and curates leadership interventions. The Lean Practice conducts the research into raising human performance and producing sustained business excellence. The leaders on our programmes are no longer lost in a world saturated with the knowledge of what great leaders or peak performers do. The Lean Practice picks the best and helps the leaders apply it to their real world challenges.  

We close the gap between knowing vs doing. 

We call it performance coaching. Some call it transformational training, others leadership development. We don't mind what it's called, we just care that performance is raised and sustained.


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I met with Aaron for a coaching session and came away feeling very inspired and enthused - feel like I can conquer so many things now! Aaron is such an amazing source of energy and focus, you cannot help but feel inspired, during the session he helped me look at what was important for me to focus on right now, as well as giving direction on how to set yourself up for personal growth, to look forward at goals and metrics of success. I would highly recommend Aaron to anyone looking to change for the better, either within their business or for themselves and their own career path. 
— Rachel Wallis, Web UX/UI, Innovation Leader
Aaron (MSP-Leadership) is very energetic person, who seeks and embraces change. All of this transpires during his training and/or coaching sessions. His last training session at our facility was excellent and more importantly our people from the shop floor embraced it which is the most important thing, confirming a job well done!.
— Terry Zammit, Ops Manager, Print, Malta
Aaron is a highly motivated and passionate leader whose innate empathy and intuition make him a perfect learning facilitator.
— Steve Marriot, Ops Manager, Manufacturing, UK
Aaron is a results orientated business coach who has delivered in coaching assignments. Aaron’s practical approach is both challenging and motivational.
— Sarah Muirhead, Head of People, Distribution, UK